What's wrong with a little bit of humor?

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, September 13, 2006

And I thought I was a prude.

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In Kirsten Krone's letter of Sept. 6, regarding the Hooligan, she asks if the Hooligan staff is being utilized to its potential because there is so much controversy in the world. In my opinion, the answer is yes.

In a time when there is so much strife and turmoil, what's wrong with poking a little fun and having something entertaining to read. Krone specifically mentions the toilet article, which I personally found quite humorous and well written. My only question was who was going to check out all the female facilities downtown. I have recently read several articles on how Juneau is getting to be an older city. The young adults, ages 21 to 35, are leaving in increasing numbers. Has anyone thought this could be due to the lack of humor or entertainment for this age group? Being in that age group and having recently moved, I love reading the Hooligan. Nobody seemed to balk at the article Korry Keeker wrote in regards to the school name, or the controversial subject of emergency birth control. But one article about toilets or an article that talks about sex, and the Empire is flooded with letters about how vulgar it is? Seriously.

My friends have always considered me a prude in certain areas, and I was not once offended or taken aback by anything in the sex-toys article. I thought it was tactfully written, and honestly I've been to one lingerie party and they are tastefully done. I'm just appalled at how much uproar one article created. If we are so worried with the controversy in the world right now, then why is the Hooligan the only thing talked about in the letters to the editor?

If you don't like Hooligan, don't read it. The targeted audience is young adults. If you're not able to appreciate it, then it wasn't written for you. It's not the Juneau Empire's job to regulate what you or your children are reading.

For your information, the Hooligan is also a small fish. Its oil was traditionally used in trade. Today it's still used by some coastal people as food, and also feeds a large population of resident sea life. Just because there is a negative connotation or definition of the word, doesn't mean that was its intent or purpose.

Kimbee Anderson


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