Someone explain 'corrupt' joke, please

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Maybe the simultaneous FBI raids of legislative and VECO offices across the state was a huge mistake based on no more than a joke. Someone makes an accusation against a group of legislators that they are "corrupt bastards" and that is turned into a joke by either those legislators or VECO officials. To demonstrate what a joke it is, they even have caps made with a CBC logo. Much ado about nothing? Maybe not.

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First of all, why would a group of public officials want to leave themselves vulnerable to a charge of being corrupt? Don't they realize that the appearance of corruption can be damaging to their reputations as public officials? Or, worse yet, don't they care? Corruption of public officials is a serious crime. Who, with any regard for their reputation, or any fear of prosecution, would make a joke of such an accusation? If you were accused of attempting to murder someone, and if there were circumstantial evidence against you, would you make a joke about it? Perhaps wear a cap with the word "Murderer" (or the letter M) on it? Certainly not. You would do everything in your power to take that accusation seriously and defend yourself against the charge. You would only make a joke about the accusation if you had no fear of prosecution or thought you were above the law.

Now tell me, what is the joke about the "Corrupt Bastards Club"?

Judy Crondahl


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