The Wasilla Warriors didn't lose; they were robbed

Letter to the sports editor

Posted: Wednesday, September 13, 2006

In Tim Nichols' article on Sept. 10, he stated, "The defending state champion Crimson Bears... didn't so much beat the Warriors, but survived a determined Wasilla team."

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Now, here is my take on the game. The Juneau Bears didn't survive the game - they were clearly beaten. The Warriors were not denied a win - they were robbed.

Mr. Nichols never mentions the three touchdowns made by the Warriors on the goal line, each called back by the referees. Or the safety, also denied by the referees. Or the first down given to the Bears by the referee that ultimately gave them the winning field goal. Or the horrific, mean-spirited, unsportsmanlike conduct by the Crimson Bears that was never called by the referees. Or the foul-mouthed responses from the referees to Wasilla players and coaches. Of course, Mr. Nichols can't mention these things, it may look like the win didn't really belong to the Crimson Bears.

Take away the slant of the referees, and the score would have clearly shown just that.

As a Warrior fan, I readily admit that I am biased in favor of my team. However, that night in the stands, even the Juneau fans displayed looks of utter amazement at the brazenness of the Juneau referees. Even they began to apologize for the spectacle that was unfolding before us. One has to wonder if this is how the Juneau dynasty is able to continue. Not with 11 outstanding players on the field, but with 11 players and four powerful referees.

So, Wasilla Warriors, hold your head high. You conquered the dynasty - cleanly, fairly and with dominance.

Other teams have gone before you, who have been robbed of their wins. And it is my opinion that it will continue to happen until referees can be held accountable for their actions.

That said, I must state that never have I seen a team play with such determination, skill, and heart as the Warriors displayed that night. Never have I seen such good sportsmanship displayed by a team in such ugly circumstances. Never have I seen such coaching fineness and talent than was demonstrated on that field.

Never have I been prouder to be a Wasilla Warrior.

Teresa D. Nelson


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