Burda: Living a clown's life
Twenty minutes of clowning in 1970 changed Don Burda's life.

Entertainment Calendar
What's happening in Juneau this week

The burden of 'Proof'
"Proof" is still in its first run on Broadway, which makes the play's opening at Perseverance Theatre Friday night something of a near miracle.

Proof: Love, math and mystery
Things are not always as they seem in "Proof," a brand-new play opening Friday at Perseverance Theatre. But one message is clear: mathematicians rock.

Student symphony seeks young musicians
The Juneau Student Symphony is offering beginning musicans of all ages the opportunity to play in a full symphony.

In defense of U.S. values, leaders,media
Citizen Joy opened her letter (Sept. 13) by admitting that her exposure to information surrounding this event was limited, and counted that as a blessing. Sounds a lot to me like the ostrich strategy: Bury your head in the sand.

Heroic examples
It strikes me that the beginnings of an effective deterrent to the kind of horrific terrorism we have witnessed this week has already been demonstrated. I am referring to the heroic actions that the crew and passengers of Flight

Same goals, different paths
Ms. McKenna's personal attack on me is unfortunate. She not only distorts what I wrote but apparently fails to grasp my message. For example, I never wrote teachers "work a mere 4.5 hours a day." What I did write, in the context of criticizing the short contract day/year, was that teachers "average about 4.5 hours daily of classroom instruction" and given the short year there is not adequate time for instruction. This is fact. However, it even gets better. Apparently I insinuated teachers "don't care about my students, that I hardly work each day and that I don't deserve a salary commensurate with other public sector workers...." I never stated or implied any such thing. However, I must note that I have yet to meet many of the one-third of our public sector workers with salaries around $7,000/month. I apparently don't move in the right circles.

In favor of peace
I read Tuesday's Empire front-to-back. I have seen only snippets of the terrorist aftermath on television, and not the initial plane crashes into the World Trade Center towers. My limited exposure to television broadcasts I count as a blessing in terms of forming my own opinions and visions for peace and resolution. I cannot begin to describe my dismay with public opinion, radio newscasts, neighbors and even friends in favor of immediate strikes and declarations of war. I want to clarify a few points in favor of peace and changes in American foreign policy.

Donate wisely
The events of this week have saddened us all.

A consensus builder
An important consideration facing the Juneau-Douglas voters is whether an Assembly candidate will be able to help renew Juneau's traditional ties to the rest of Southeast Alaska. Based on my six years of experience as the president and CEO of Goldbelt, Inc., I know that Randy Wanamaker will be an effective advocate for Juneau.

A way to help
Thousands of miles away from the terror in New York and D.C., I feel a desire to help that is stronger than anything I have ever felt in my life. But even if I was able to get to the scene of the crime, I have no training that would make me useful and I could do nothing more than cheer on the rescue efforts. And as wonderful as it is that many people, in many cities, have rushed to the local blood banks, we all know that blood is only useful if they find survivors, which I am afraid will be few. So I have found a small way that I can help and I would like to pass this information on to anyone else who wants to lend a hand.

Too close to home
Amazing how something so far away can hit home to us. I sat in disbelief as the events of Tuesday unfolded. I kept thinking that if the numbers they were initially reporting were true, then it would be like the entire population of Juneau being extinguished I didn't learn until late Tuesday night about the safety of my brother who works at the Pentagon. He was finally able to make contact with his wife and my father almost 13 hours after the explosion.

Tolerance must be maintained
Like everyone in this nation must be, my family and I are absolutely horrified and sickened by the senseless, cowardly and barbaric attacks of terrorism that befell New York, Washington D.C., and Pennsylvania. Our deepest condolences, thoughts, and prayers go out to all of the victims and their families. I, too, had family involved. A cousin of mine who was in WTC Tower 1 when the first plane hit. Much to my relief, she made it out and is alive and well, though the fireman who escorted her out is believed to be among the dead after the collapse of WTC Tower 2.

I will not give in
There are so many possible dangers in this world. Paranoia and fear are reactions to these possible dangers. The possibility is always in the back of our minds. It hides in the dark like the monster that hides under the bed. When y

Get involved in schools
Mr. Alan Schorr's interest and concern for our school district is admirable. He should be commended for his role in the future of our schools through his participation on the school board. As a school counselor, I thank Mr. Schorr for his recognizing the need for lowering class size and noticing that our modern schools play a greater role than just reading, writing and arithmetic.

Misplaced dismay
I appreciate that Juneau is a community of diverse opinions, however, I was truly stunned to read Chris Joy's take on this week's terrorist attack on our nation.

Reject hate, ignorance
While watching the news coverage of Tuesday's events, I saw some very painful images

A day to remember
I awoke early Tuesday to my clock radio, "... the World Trade Center has disappeared." My first thoughts went to a false broadcast, like the "War of the Worlds." I yelled at my dad to turn on the TV. We scrolled through the channels, and to our horror, found footage of a gaping hole in one side of the Pentagon. What we saw next was worse. The World Trade Center was collapsing in upon itself. This quite amazed me. I ran out the door, some minutes late as the news was rather distracting, to the school bus stop. There a friend was already waiting.

Worthy of respect
I would like to publicly thank Alan Schorr for his dedication and hard work on the school board. Instead of attacking him personally for discussing the issue and providing objective, factual information, we should be recognizing his countless

Democracy is not terror
In response to Chris Joy (letter to the editor, Sept. 13), the very heart and soul of the American people and our way of life has been viciously

Storm cuts power, blocks road
JUNEAU Power was out to more than half of Juneau on Wednesday night and this morning in two separate incidents related to high winds. Trees toppled onto power lines in the Lemon Creek area, and a branch was torn off a tree and blown onto lines in the Mendenhall Valley.

Local woman escapes Trade Center hotel
Juneau nurse Ruth Perez-Matera was taking a shower in the Marriott Hotel across the street from the World Trade Center on Tuesday when the building shook and her mother saw a body fall outside a window of their room.

Passengers fought to thwart terrorists
In the final moments of United Airlines Flight 93, Jeremy Glick told his wife to take care of their newborn daughter and have a good life because he and a few passengers were going to storm the cockpit to try to prevent a terrorist attack on the nation's capital.

Events in Juneau

Flight allowed for blood samples
ANCHORAGE Some of the only aircraft to fly in Alaska on Wednesday were military jets. Air Force pilots flew over Anchorage, the trans-Alaska oil pipeline terminal in Valdez, and other locations deemed critical installations.

Weekend Best Bets
Best bets for the weekend in Juneau

Search suspended for missing man
JUNEAU State troopers called off the search for the cruise-ship passenger reported missing on Mount Roberts by his wife Monday.

Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers reported:

In memory of those lost
The American flag flies at half-staff over a totem pole at Ketchum Flying Service in Anchorage today in honor of the victims in Tuesday's terrorist attacks. Alaska Gov. Tony Knowles ordered all state flags to be flown at half-staff.

New airport procedures
In the wake of Tuesday's terrorism incidents, procedures at the Juneau Airport now include:

Alaskans adjust work, lives to cope with ban on flying
Dozens of Juneau residents are stranded within Alaska and Outside due to the grounding of flights nationwide, but they're not complaining.

What's open for business
* Alaska Airlines planned to resume some local flights this afternoon. The first seats will go to those booked on today's flights.

Accounts collect for victims, aid agencies
JUNEAU Alaska Pacific Bank has set up an account to collect donations to help families of the World Trade Center attack victims. Contributions can be made at three Juneau branches: 301 N. Franklin St., 2094 Jordan Ave. and 11800 Glacier Highway, in Auke Bay. They also can be mailed to WTC Families' Relief Fund at the Jordan Avenue branch. Alaska Pacific branches in Hoonah, Yakutat, Sitka, Wrangell and Ketchikan also will take donations.

News of public record

Heightened security
U.S. Army military police search cars entering Fort Richardson Army Base in Anchorage today after the military in Alaska went to the highest security level due to the Tuesday attacks in New York and Washington. Alaska's emergency services are on a heightened standby, Air traffic in Alaska was suspended, stranding passengers trying to leave the state and hunters in remote areas.

Home at last
Jim Phillips is greeted by his wife, Martha, after he arrives Thursday at the Juneau Airport on Alaska Airlines Flight 62 from Anchorage. Phillips, a Greens Creek mine employee, was supposed to have arrived home Tuesday in Juneau after moose hunting on the Yetna River. "I'm just glad he is home and he is OK," Martha said.

Permanent fund OK, so far
JUNEAU The custodian bank for the Alaska Permanent Fund and one of the fund's money managers were forced to relocate from offices near the World Trade Center on Tuesday.

Klepinger found guilty on charge of mail fraud
Federal prosecutors said they haven't decided whether to retry Juneau businessman Kenneth Klepinger for fraud after a jury brought back a split verdict this week.

4,700 missing in New York
NEW YORK The ghastly toll of the terrorist attack on the nation's largest city came into focus today, as more than 4,700 people were reported missing in the devastation of the World Trade Center.

East Coast attacks strangle mail service in Alaska
There's no bread and milk in Nome.

Memorial event Friday at Centennial Hall
JUNEAU City officials plan a community memorial event Saturday to remember and honor those killed, injured or affected by Tuesday's terrorist attacks.

Flight delays force two cruise ships to cancel
A terrorist attack that changed New York's skyscape Tuesday changed Juneau's landscape today.

Knowles offers search dogs
JUNEAU Gov. Tony Knowles offered search and rescue dogs trained in wilderness rescue to New York and Virginia officials for help in the recovery of victims.

Juneau memorial held for attack victims
Even people who didnt know where the memorial service was Friday could find it by following the stream of people walking toward Centennial Hall at noon or the cars lining up to circle through the full parking lot.

FAA gives OK for Alaska Airlines to resume flights
Alaska Airlines planned to resume flights in and out of Juneau today, depending on the weather.

Theaters feel ripple effects of attacks
Movie theaters across America depend on a well-coordinated network of couriers and air transportation to distribute films. That network has been crippled in the wake of Tuesday's terrorist attacks.

Fairbanks woman escaped Trade Center
FAIRBANKS A woman who grew up in Fairbanks was one of the survivors who made it out of the World Trade Center complex alive Tuesday.

Teachers' contract negotiations leave behind hard feelings
A long and rancorous negotiation with Juneau's teachers, begun in February and spilling over into letters in the newspaper, ended in a burst of bad feelings as the School Board approved a contract Tuesday.

Alaska Airlines restores flights to capital city
Alaska Airlines Flight 62, the first flight into Juneau since Tuesday, was due to arrive at 12:42 p.m. on Thursday. Then it was due at 2:30. Then 3. Finally, the flight taxied onto the runway at 3:30 p.m., to the great relief of relatives waiting and family arriving.

Stranded Chinese passengers in Anchorage had children working in World Trade Center
ANCHORAGE -- Three elderly passengers boarded a China Air Lines flight from New York City to Taipei early Tuesday as perfect strangers.

Counseling center offers help to kids
JUNEAU Tongass Community Counseling Center in Juneau will offer a free art therapy workshop from 10 a.m. to noon Saturday for children whose parents are concerned about their child's reactions to the terrorist incidents. It will be facilitated by a registered art therapist.

Memorial changed, other events canceled
JUNEAU President Bush's call for a national day of remembrance today shifted the time and day of a Juneau ceremony from Saturday to today.

Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers reported:

Wright, Allen will marry
Megan Renee Wright and Terry Jon Thorpe Allen, both of Juneau, will marry in a ceremony at 3 p.m., Sept. 16, at Valley Chapel on Mendenhall Loop Road. A reception will follow at 6 p.m. at Auke Bay Bible Church. Friends and relatives of the couple are invited to the wedding and reception.

Living and Growing: Look to your heart
When we think of the heart, we think of the life-giving organ whose beat represents life. We often take its hard work on our behalf for granted. Exactly 10

Learn to fish with hootchies
Juneau Community Schools is offering a course designed for both beginner and experienced sports fishermen.

Lauinger, Beadle marry in June
Nicole Katherine Beadle of Juneau and Joseph Michael Lauinger of Tulsa, Okla., were married in a ceremony on June 30 at the Shrine of St. Therese. A reception followed at Glacier Gardens.

Hobbs, Yancey to marry
Julie Hobbs and Jared Yancey, both of Juneau, will be married in a ceremony on Sept. 15 at Church of the Nazarene in Juneau. A reception will follow immediately, downstairs in Fellowship Hall.

Donating miles to charity
Alaska Airlines kicked off its Charity Miles program in 1998. Members donate miles in increments of 5,000 to a collective charity account. At the end of the year, the miles are distributed to these charities: Make-A-Wish Foundation, AirLifeLine, the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, the Alaska Children's Trust and several other social service agencies.

Outside editorial: Adding shame to grief
The following editorial appeared in today's Washington Post:

Outside editorial: Ensuring safety in the skies
There is a striking disparity between the great majority of Americans, who expressed shock and disbelief that terrorists could so easily employ four passenger jets as instruments of carnage on Tuesday, and aviation security experts, many of whom said they were not at all surprised that America's aviation safety systems could be violated.

Outside editorial: Arab condolences not enough
The following editorial appeared in today's Detroit Free Press:

Outdoors calendar for the coming week

SE duck bag limits clarified for 2001
Overall, duck bag limits for Southeast are seven per day, 21 in possession. However, these totals may include no more than one canvasback daily, three in possession.

Divers clean up Auke Rec on Saturday
There's more trash than treasure underwater and on Saturday Juneau divers will clean some of it up.

Hunters go after waterfowl
Since the days of home-made bows and arrows, hunters have counted on a little sport and a full stew pot during duck migration season.

Juneau football teams hit the road for Saturday games
The Juneau-Douglas High School football teams were able to travel today and they will play their scheduled varsity and junior varsity games on Saturday, school officials said.


Sports events around town

Local sports affected by attacks
The Juneau-Douglas High School volleyball team will not host its scheduled matches against Ketchikan this weekend, while the football team is playing a waiting game to see if it can travel to Palmer to play Colony on Saturday. The Juneau cross country team, though, does plan to run in its meet at Skagway on Saturday.

Charity basketball game postponed
The Third Annual Pro Sports and Hollywood Celebrity All-Star Charity Basketball Game, sponsored by Juneau Elks Lodge No. 420 and scheduled for 6 p.m. Sunday at the Juneau-Douglas High School gym, has been postponed because of the terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington, D.C.

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