Reject hate, ignorance

Posted: Friday, September 14, 2001

While watching the news coverage of Tuesday's events, I saw some very painful images. Besides the planes crashing, people jumping from a hundred floors up or the determined and exhausted rescue workers searching for bodies, something disgusted me even more. It was a car full of ignorant teenage boys flying the American flag from their window yelling obscene and hateful things at worshippers at a local mosque. While there has been little or no reports of this type of behavior here, it is almost a given that people may feel anger toward Arabs or Muslims. I don't feel this way, and I know that many people don't either, but there are plenty of people in the United States that are just simply that ignorant. I find it disgusting and appalling that anyone, at a time like this, could be so hateful to their fellow Americans, no matter what race.

If we begin to generalize like this, we hardly become any better than the terrorists that killed thousands of innocent people. I hope that people have enough compassion and knowledge to realize that verbal or physical attacks against anyone with "Middle East" blood are wrong and hateful. Parents should talk to their kids and explain this, and anyone who witnesses it should not tolerate it. Hate and ignorance are what caused Tuesday's terrorist attacks. Let's not let them win.

Brianne Mecum


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