Misplaced dismay

Posted: Friday, September 14, 2001

I appreciate that Juneau is a community of diverse opinions, however, I was truly stunned to read Chris Joy's take on this week's terrorist attack on our nation.

Ms. Joy states "terrorism is a two-way street," implying the attack we sustained is in some way justified. Likewise, Ms. Joy implies the 5,000 dead at the World Trade Center were legitimate military targets, as were the 200 or so killed at the Pentagon. I'll quote: "The Pentagon and financial district ... were targeted because they represent American military and economic policy."

Ms. Joy expresses no dismay at the hijackings and subsequent attacks, but does express dismay at the news coverage of these attacks.

Ms. Joy concludes her letter by suggesting the United States "promote peace and cooperation by means of justice, restraint and negotiation." It's too bad Ms. Joy wasn't a member of one of the terrorist cells which carried out Tuesday's dreadful attack. Had she been, she might have been able to convince them to take the path she now advocates this nation take.

Richard F. Schmitz


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