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Posted: Friday, September 14, 2001

The events of this week have saddened us all.

We have seen scenes and read of heroism. People helping people, firefighters and police officers losing their lives helping in the rescue efforts. There are reports that even passengers on a plane may have helped save hundreds, if not thousands, more by taking their own lives.

There have been requests for help from New Your City in the form of medical personnel, blood, our prayers, our support. I want to help, as I am sure all the citizens of Juneau and the nation want to.

The concern I have is that not all citizens are heroic; there are those who will and have taken advantage of this horrific situation. It is disgusting and appalling that Americans would take advantage of Americans in the time of crisis. The gasoline price-gouging we heard about occurring across our country was shameful! However, not all rip-offs are going to be as blatant. I am sure there are calls and pleas going out for donations that are scams to take advantage of our generous and giving hearts. With many donations, only pennies on the dollar actually go to the service you are donating to. We need to be very leery of who we donate our hard-earned money to, and remember that not everyone is who they say they are.

I am sure our local Fire Department and Police Department would gladly accept donations to help with the families of the fire fighters and police officers that were lost. We can call our local charities and churches to see what we can do. There are many good organizations involved in the rescue efforts, as well as organizations helping people deal with their grief, that can use our donations. We can choose wisely to whom we make our donations.

Rhoda Walker


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