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Posted: Friday, September 14, 2001

Citizen Joy opened her letter (Sept. 13) by admitting that her exposure to information surrounding this event was limited, and counted that as a blessing. Sounds a lot to me like the ostrich strategy: Bury your head in the sand.

Citizen Joy's letter took exception to the assertion by the press that the horrendous acts which occurred on Tuesday sought out civilian targets. Citizen Joy stated that this was untrue. Citizen Joy, did you get some sort of physic reading on the motive of the perpetrators before they completed their suicide mission in the unwilling company of several hundred civilians aboard the airliners they commandeered by force?

Citizen Joy took exception to the Washington Post's characterization of the Pentagon as a "symbol of America's ability and determination to protect and defend democratic values," insisting that "The Pentagon, more than anything, symbolizes very undemocratic methods..."

Our military leadership has to answer to quite a few more people than the "generals" in Pakistan, Libya, Afghanistan, and elsewhere, who have made themselves the "supreme" leaders of their countries by intimidation through the use of terrorism!

Citizen Joy says we must "consider humanistic, peace-driven, cooperative foreign policy. What country in this world does more to promote human rights, peace, and cooperative foreign policy than the very country that also allows you the freedom to attack it verbally while it is yet under attack from abroad?

Citizen Joy goes on to advocate a non-response to this monstrous act of terrorism, and suggests that we consider the motives of the terrorists. Webster's dictionary defines a terrorist as "one who rules by terror." Citizen Joy closes by suggesting that justice, restraint, and negotiation are the only true path to peace. On that I will agree.

If Citizen Joy bothered to stay informed about what is going on in this country, she would recognize that our government is exercising restraint, negotiating for worldwide consensus and support, and is determined to pursue justice.

I recognize that the press (print and broadcast) have done a remarkable job of keeping the (willing) public well-informed on events and issues surrounding this black moment in our history without injecting inflammatory spin on the news they are reporting. I sincerely hope that this public-spirited performance carries over after the shock of this event wears off.

John Weedman


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