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Posted: Sunday, September 14, 2003


A shared 7 1/2 foot-wide pathway is too narrow for the bridge. It doesn't take much intelligence to foresee an accident on that path followed by a lawsuit followed by the city and state paying. ... We should be encouraging and facilitating alternative transportation and the use of healthy modes at every available opportunity.


I think having a third lane, one that ran one way during one period and the other during other periods would be entirely too confusing; chances are that it would lead to accidents from people inadvertently using the lane in the wrong direction.


Juneau needs to be doing more to promote alternative transportation instead of making the existing alternatives less viable. The proposed bridge changes are unsafe and just plain stupid.


We shouldn't be wasting our money on a potentially unsafe, temporary solution. Let's put that $8 million toward a second crossing!


I strongly oppose the three-lane bridge. We will be right back to where we were with the old bridge - in constant danger of sideswiping railings, other cars and bicyclists.


I think everyone in Juneau is being close-minded about this situation. I live in Douglas, and if you have ever seen the traffic in the morning you will know where I am coming from. If we don't do this, then there is something seriously wrong with a town when they don't want it to have roads out of it, they don't want a new bridge, so they scale it down to expanding a bridge and no one wants that either.


I was born and raised here and have distinct memories of the old bridge. Going back to the same scenario, vis a vis narrow lane width, does not give me a warm fuzzy.

I have taken the time to go out North Douglas at rush hour (morning and evening) to see for myself; the wait to enter traffic is generally minimal, less than 60 seconds.

How about simply putting a metering device on the entry to the bridge from North Douglas; such lights controlling vehicles work very well on the freeways down south where thousands, rather than dozens, of cars are encountered during the rush hour.

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