Posted: Sunday, September 14, 2003

Coho salmon continue to be abundant in local area waters. During the most recent creel survey, it took anglers three hours to land a silver salmon. This compares with three hours last year, and the five-year average of four hours. The hot spots continue to be False Point Retreat, North Pass, and the back side of Douglas Island.

King salmon fishing is in its seasonal decline. Last week it took an average of 473 hours to land a keeper king salmon in the Juneau area. The five-year average is 390 hours, and last year it took 250 hours to land a keeper. Areas to fish for king salmon include the back side of Douglas Island, South Shelter Island, North Pass and Couverden.

Halibut also continued their seasonal decline in abundance. Those anglers who targeted halibut spent an average of 15 hours to land the flatfish. The five-year average is 13 hours, while last year it took the average angler 14 hours of fishing before landing a halibut. Local areas to fish for halibut include Poundstone Rock, Vanderbilt Reef and South Shelter Island.

The Juneau area personal use red and blue king crab summer season closed Sept. 7. Recent creel survey data indicate the summer personal use allocation was met or exceeded.

Consult your sport-fishing regulation booklet for further specifics on roadside regulations and fisheries in the Juneau area, or call the Division of Sport Fish at 465-4270.

• Provided by Bruce White of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game's Division of Sport Fish.

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