Government should act like businesses

Letters to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, September 14, 2004

The Chamber of Commerce asks to have the personal property tax lifted from small business and what is the response of our municipal staff? "Oh, that could hurt education."

Well, City & Borough of Juneau staff, we aren't interested in cutting back on our children. But maybe you could pay all your health care premiums the way we small business owners do. And maybe you could finance your own retirement, the way we small business owners do. Maybe you could perform administrative services on a Saturday, without pay (like calculating and remitting sales tax) the way we small business owners do. Or maybe you could perform in-house janitorial services the way many small business owners do. Or maybe, just maybe, you could set your vacation and holidays to our work year. If you do, don't plan on getting much time off. We don't.

Robert Reges


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