School play offers model for Juneau

Letters to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Last spring I saw a wonderful play preformed by students from Glacier Valley called Tides and The Tempest. It is an account of forgiveness told through the Tlingit legend of Naatsilanei and the Shakespearean story of Prospero. With the recent letters, news articles, and poll question (if we read between the lines) regarding racism in our community, I would recommend borrowing a copy of the DVD to see how a community of children and teachers, without an agenda, can demonstrate hope.

I would suggest that the civic liturgy developed at Glacier Valley be used as a rubric for our community. They have modeled a way that rises above the sanctimonious and the shrill. They have done away with the "us" and "them" and shown, correctly, the true nature of how we can be.

Naatsilanei and Prospero shaking hands in the end.

Todd A. Speich


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