Stand up for clean water

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, September 14, 2005

It's good to see the conservation community standing up against Coeur Alaska's plan to dump mine tailings into a Juneau lake. What a terrible and unnecessary precedent that would be. The Kensington project could move forward without resorting to this particular illegal bit of cost savings. Instead of acting like good corporate citizens and properly handling their toxic mine waste, the company put forward a plan to creatively re-name Slate Lake into a "treatment facility." The same could be done for Auke Lake or the Mendenhall Wetlands if an ore body were located nearby. All the world is a treatment facility if your bottom line comes first.

No doubt we can look forward to lots of fun in these pages as Coeur and friends work to generate a backlash against the stalwarts who are standing up for the Clean Water Act. Meanwhile, I tip my hat to good folks of the Southeast Alaska Conservation Council, the Sierra Club and Lynn Canal Conservation, whose lawsuit will no doubt prevail. Well done.

Aaron Brakel


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