Little respect for the 'whippersnapper'

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Posted: Thursday, September 14, 2006

I was amused by Ambrosia Rose's remarks in the Sept. 5 Juneau Empire. Ms. Rose suggests that if we don't like what we see in the Hooligan (around our house we call it the "whippersnapper") we throw it out, or don't buy the paper in the first place. This strategy works fine as applied to, say, television - where there are dozens of channels belching dime-store doggerel to choose from. But there's only one paper in town here, and to watch the one entertainment supplement that runs every Thursday being effectively hijacked by the alleged tastes of the 20-something demographic in the name of being "hip" or "edgy" has me rolling my eyes.

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We as a culture used to make fun of the "valley girl" mentality - now we own it. Juneau might be a small city in search of Edge, but is it that small? I agree with Ambrosia that "pretty much everything that's normally reviewed has already been done." But to drum up "hipness" via topics that have literally taken us to the toilets comes off as more cheese than hip.

A suggestion to the Hooligan staff: Check out the Village Voice once in a while. The Voice has been modeling hip and edgy journalism for decades, and with no small interest in attracting the 20-somethings either. You might engage a satirical cartoonist with an attitude, or a contributor capable of writing something intelligent on an "edgy" new book or compact disc that's come out. Granted, when Perseverance Theatre and the Juneau Symphony Orchestra are off season there is a little less to write about, but I think the possibilities are still there for an always entertaining yet more enlightened version of what you're trying to present.

I am hardly a "conservative" and by no means a Puritan. But being a 50-something and a writer myself, I think I'm old (or is it just smart?) enough to discern the difference between content and filler. C'mon folks, what say we raise the bar a little? All Juneauites, regardless of generation, just might appreciate the difference.

George A. Wallace


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