Lighten up Juneau, life's too short

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, September 14, 2006

I think there are far more pressing issues than who thinks what about the Hooligan and who thinks what about jet skies in Auke Lake. I want to point out something that I have noticed over the past few years. People in general are angry and irritated. Customer service in most places has gone down the drain, and I can feel tension in this town. Maybe it has to do with the weather, maybe it has to do with the economy, and a mixture of both is subject to make anyone go crazy.

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I think everyone needs to calm down, take a trip or find a hobby and focus on a positive goal. As we all get ready for lock down in our homes due to the approaching winter season, I think finding something creative or something to laugh at would make it bearable.

For example, I work with a group on music projects, putting shows together, airing radio shows, and sometimes we sit around and just laugh at things. It's better than being angry. And, we don't need drugs or alcohol to be happy. I think that drugs and alcohol have too strong of a hold on people. I am not trying to be self righteous by any means. I suffer from anxiety but I've realized alcohol magnifies it even more. And drugs, I haven't delved too deep, talk about expensive. I have too many friends that suffer from addictions, and I have a hard enough time paying my bills and holding down my career to go that way.

Anyway, as a final note, I just wanted to voice my opinion about the dark, negative vibe that I feel from the people in Juneau. I think everyone has reasons to be upset, but dwelling on it is not solving the problem. Forget the past. I am so thankful that I have always been able to fall back on my music when things are too overwhelming. I wish that for everyone. If it's not music, maybe theater, dance, art or even work - anything. I am at a tender age, just about 25 years old, and I have realized that time goes by too fast to be upset. I hope that people can stand up out of this miserable weather and suffocating economy and be happy that we wake up everyday. So let's all put on some reggae and relax.

Rachel White


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