This 'ski mom' opposes Palin

Posted: Sunday, September 14, 2008

I lived in Alaska for 17 years from 1969 to 1986. My daughters graduated from East High School in 1983 and '85 and are now solid community contributors, in Crofton, Md. (near Annapolis) and in Los Angeles.

I wasn't a hockey mom, but I was a "ski mom" and with my family built a cabin at Clam Gulch.

Gov. Sarah Palin in no way represents the women of Alaska. We don't need to shoot moose or drive snow machines to prove we are strong.

Palin is in no way qualified to become vice president, much less president at this point in her fledgling career.

Women for Obama in Alaska, this Woman for Obama in Colorado greets you. I am still an Alaskan in my heart and invite you to join me in working hard to elect the Obama/Biden ticket - good for our children's health and continuing education. Your taxes, unless you earn more than $250,000 per year, will not be raised but rather lowered. Your life and our country and the economy will be improved with renewed inspiration for all Americans.

Join me, a fellow Alaskan, in saying "enough" to eight years of Republican administration. Say it loud in Alaska; I will say it loud in Colorado, and we'll soon hear echoes in Ohio and Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Florida, Iowa and Virginia.

All women are Alaskans in spirit, one step away from the pioneer women who settled Pennsylvania and Ohio and came across the plains to Idaho, Oregon, California, Montana and Washington.

Pam Coates Mathews

Former Alaska resident


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