One clear choice

Posted: Sunday, September 15, 2002

We have lived in Southeast Alaska for almost 30 years. Like so many other Alaskans, we believe that in this state "No one gets left behind." That's the way it used to be, however, in the last decade, many of us are being left behind, especially in Southeast Alaska. The foundations of our communities are collapsing because of the economic instability of this region. Most of our regional economic foundation is based on "Band-Aid" money, government-funded projects needed in the short term, yes, but not a solution for building an economic base for those of us that choose to live here and raise our families.

Sometimes it's easy to think that Southeast is left behind, but the reality is that all of Alaska is left behind as national standards in almost everything put Alaska at the very bottom of almost every list. This is a great place to live, and Alaskans are great people to live with. We are diverse and tolerant of a great many things, but lets not be so tolerant of politics as usual, our future depends on a change. Our next governor must take on the responsibility and accountability to get things done right, our future and our children's future are at stake. The only candidate for governor that can build Alaska's future and not his own political career is Frank Murkowski.

There is no room for a governor with special interests or a personal agenda when our state's future is on the line. Alaska is on a train called nowhere and we the voters of this great state must do everything we can to put our children's future on the right track. There is only one clear choice for the leadership this state must have, vote Murkowski for our next governor, and please get out and vote.

Jackie DuRette


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