Attention Juneau drivers

Posted: Sunday, September 15, 2002

I have been in the Juneau community since 1980 and have seen my share of road, sign and signal revisions around town. I have strived to be a conscientious and courteous driver (35 years accident- and ticket-free, knock on wood), and have taken in stride all changes that have occurred. However, virtually every morning, I watch in astonishment as fellow drivers ignore the rules of the road and posted directional signs at intersections in the Valley.

The trouble begins when left-turning traffic accumulates in the turn lanes and opposing right-turning and oncoming traffic wait for the light change. Inexplicably, the left-turning vehicles assume they have special privilege and cut across all opposing traffic. What are they thinking? Read the sign by the traffic signal: "Left turn yield on green." It sounds simple enough. Let's all pay closer attention and make life easier. Oh yes, and watch for people in the crosswalks. A left-turner almost struck some school kids at Stephen Richards Drive and Loop Road on the morning of Sept. 10.

Andrew J. Hohenthaner


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