Build the pool

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, September 15, 2005

Having lived in Juneau for nearly 20 years, I am excited that voters will finally be given the opportunity to vote on the construction of a valley aquatic facility.

Although Juneau provides immeasurable opportunity for youth, it has always seemed unusual to me the absence of pool facility in the valley.

I applaud The Alaska Club's efforts to try and fill this void, but I must agree with many community members that it wouldn't be a facility for everyone.

The Alaska Club over the years has been wonderful for my family, but unfortunately it's mostly because we could afford it.

I appreciate and understand planning commissioner McConnochie's beliefs that the pool should be constructed within the private sector, but I also find it negligent in the Empire's reporting not mentioning her shareholder stake in the company.

Let's build the pool now, for our kids, for our seniors, for everybody.

Matt Knutson


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