Bear trapped on porch downtown

Posted: Sunday, September 16, 2001

John Ingalls woke up at 11 p.m. Monday night to find a black bear trapped on the porch of his downtown Juneau home.

"I was home alone and I heard a noise downstairs," he said. "I went to investigate. There was a bear trapped in our entryway. He had come in the house and the door had shut behind him."

Ingalls, 57, has been doing construction on his house while his family is visiting relatives in upstate New York, and he suspects he left the front door ajar. The door leading into the house was closed tight and the bear was trapped on the porch.

Ingalls called 911 and jumped out a first-floor window.

"I got dressed outside and as I came around to the front of the house the bear was on his way out. Through the windows. Now I have a big hole in the side of the house."

Ingalls lives on the section of Dixon Street on Telephone Hill. He said his family has been especially careful with trash this summer and there was nothing on the porch or in the house to attract the bear.

"We've got them hungry now," he said. "People are getting better about keeping garbage away and now they're getting hungry."

On Aug. 21, a Juneau family found a bear cub eating potato chips and dog treats in the dining room of their home near Twin Lakes. The cub had entered through a pet door. The bear tore out the door and departed before police arrived.


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