Avoid the 'show'

Posted: Sunday, September 16, 2001

I sincerely hope that one thing that will come out of all of the tragedy and reflection of the last week is that as a nation, we will have more respect for our flag and national anthem.

I hope that sports organizations all over the country will demand from this point forward, that the singing of the national anthem before contests or events will be a respectful rendition of this meaningful anthem and nothing more.

Over the years, various entertainers across the country have used the singing of the national anthem at sporting events to showcase their own improvisational talents and have taken many liberties with our anthem. Sports leagues, teams and other organizations have allowed and condoned this practice for the sake of "show."

I hope now, that the anthem will be sung with respect and in the rendition it is intended to be sung without it becoming a "show" for some pop singer. We have to demand more respect for our national anthem, and the sports community and other organizations can absolutely influence this and should begin immediately.

Kirby Day


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