Divine guidance

Posted: Sunday, September 16, 2001

I have just participated in the National Service of Prayer and Remembrance via television from the National Cathedral. This serves somewhat as a capstone to the oft-stated need for God to help us in this crisis.

As Billy Graham said, "this reminds us of the brevity of life." This truth, I believe, was a factor in the decisions to pause from our cultural pastimes to cope with this tragedy, to connect to our families and others, and to contemplate our personal relationship with God. In that instance, "we need a spiritual revival," Graham said.

In some ways this calling upon God seems incongruous. In recent years our nation has sought to deny her citizens the right to practice public worship. Members of Congress sang "God Bless America" from the Capitol steps. Yet our school children are often forbidden to sing this and related songs from the religious part of our national heritage.

God Bless America. "May he always guide our country," as President Bush stated. And may we follow.

Bill Elkinton


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