The price of peace

Posted: Sunday, September 16, 2001

I would very much like to query and counter Chris Joy 's Sept. 13 letter to the editor.

In this she expresses that "As Americans, as a 'First World' imperial country it is imperative that we make serious attempts to promote peace and cooperation by means of justice, restraint and negotiation." She concluded with the remark "that this is the only true path to peace."

I deeply question her resolve on the opinions she expressed, wondering if she would opt for "restraint and negotiation" while trapped in a transformed sub-ballistic missile that used to be a 767 or 757 aircraft. Would she still assert her "restraint and negotiation" policy while being stranded in the 102nd floor of a World Trade Center Tower that is about to collapse, killing every innocent person in it?

Assuming her answer to these is yes, then I would challenge Chris to go beyond her "newspaper reality" and personally face the carnage and the victims of this terrorist massacre in NYC, in D.C. and in Pennsylvania. I further challenge her to voice her opinion directly to those families who have lost their loved ones to the slaughter of these cowardly acts of terrorism. Only after she has faced these things from the front-line will I consider her points worthy of consideration.

If her mindset were to have prevailed when our country faced the Axis powers in WWII, the freedoms to express our opinions in such a forum as this would certainly be all but non-existent.

The freedoms that we as a nation share today did not come as a result of a weakened passive resolve to the threats against its liberties. When we were faced with such evils like that posed by Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime, we as a nation did not obtain our victory by simply storming Omaha Beach and singing "Kum ba yah." The evils that have previously come before us have evoked a necessity from the free world to unilaterally respond in the eradication of such. Eradication that has been historically achieved through measured military action. Good cannot triumph over evil unless it is willing to act indeed sacrifice never compromising until it conquers and fulfills its victory.

It was through the great sacrifice of those before us that have preserved our nation's freedom, strength, and prosperity. Now again, we as a nation and as a world face a threat to our very humanity through these barbaric terrorist acts. Unless we act assertively, utilizing our nation's strategic assets to their fullest this evil will succeed to the point that freedom and humanity will only be shadows in the memory of all those following generations who will have become slaves to the new regime of chaos and anarchy.

Marc A. Horner


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