Appeasement never works as response

Posted: Sunday, September 16, 2001

In response to Chris Joy's letter in Thursday's paper, I had a number of choice responses, few of which could be published, so I finally settled on "wake up and smell the coffee!" The idea of trying to talk to those responsible is to say the least ludicrous. Our entire Middle East policy for the last 22 years has been one of negotiations and appeasement. Yes, we have enjoyed limited success with this approach, peace has been secured with Egypt and Jordan but other than these two moderate states, this approach has failed. This is evident by the actions of the Palestinian "nation" and its people. We all saw them celebrating in the streets upon hearing the news of our tragedy.

It is also a misinformed notion to say this is a religious war, as with most wars it is a matter of economics. Unlike most wars, where the theory is "you have it so I am going to try to take it for my own," this is "you have it, I don't, so I am going to bring you down to my (economical) level." We must remember these people do not share our values, they do not even share the values of mainstream Muslims. These people are only using religious dogma to attract the young and gullible zealots to their cause.

One only has to look for the answer to this situation, or do we want to revisit the 1938 scene of Neville Chamberlain disembarking from his plane to declare "peace in our time." No, the world learned only too late that as any animal control officer would tell you. When threatened by a rabid dog, you do not negotiate, take half measures or try to appease it. Instead, you hunt it down, cut off its head and burn the carcass.

Michael Lavering


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