We will survive

Posted: Sunday, September 16, 2001

This is dedicated to the ones who lost their lives in the horrid strain of evens of Tuesday. Our hearts go out to the brave souls who perished in the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City, the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., to those who lost their lives in all four plane crashes that day, and to the courageous men and women who died fighting for the lives of survivors.

To those to wish to try to invoke fear on our great nation, you have only succeeded in a minor and timeless way, for we are a nation of survivors, and although you have taken a part of us, you have not taken us as a whole.

You have only won by letting us know how much another person is able to hate. Hate itself is the destruction of mankind. Hate is the stem of all evil, we devote ourselves to the end of evil. We will chase it to the depths of hell. We will fight, and we will win. As people who are for life, liberty and justice for all, we will seek those who threaten our being. We know what you are capable of, we know what you are about. Even though we do not know who you are or were you might be, we will find you.

Make no mistake, we are a strong nation, we will use our strength to our advantage. You have made an attempt on our existence, threatened our being, slowed our stroll. Now we shall do the same to you tenfold. You may want us to be afraid, but you are the one with the terror in your eyes.

To those who are victims of this unforgivable crime, They hit us, they hit us hard, they hit us when we were not looking. They knocked us off our feet. But they cannot take the most important thing from us, our being. We will rise to our feet and walk that sad walk into promise and pride. For we still have many things, most of all we have each other. We are all brothers and sisters in this great and strong nation. We all feel your sorrow, we all will do anything that we can do to help. We weep with you, we pray with you.

Our skies are still blue. Our grass is still green. We will recover, we will rebuild, We Will Remember, we will survive!

Dan Roberts


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