Look in the mirror

Posted: Sunday, September 16, 2001

I am absolutely appalled and disgusted by the letter from Chris Joy in Thursday's Empire. Joy writes that a news article in the Orlando Sentinel which states "Tuesday's terrorist strikes sought out civilian targets" is untrue because they were really targeting "American military and economic policy." Joy should read the definition of civilian before spouting off again. Most assuredly the vast majority of the thousands of Americans killed Tuesday were civilians. To imply that the 266 airlines passengers, the firemen and policemen who gave so unselfishly, the nearly 5,000 workers in the WTC and other innocent bystanders were not civilians is lunacy. It is ironic that Joy has the audacity to declare that the author's opinion was simplified and egotistical. Perhaps Joy ought to look in the mirror. While I try to respect the right of others to voice their opinion, I am saddened that such a callous letter could emanate from anyone in Juneau.

Allen Shattuck


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