Juneau runners are their own top competition at Skagway Invite

Posted: Sunday, September 16, 2001

The toughest competition for the Juneau-Douglas High School cross country squads was Juneau's second team Saturday at the Skagway Invitational at Skagway's Dyea Road cross country course.

In both the boys and girls races, Juneau's Team One claimed victory with perfect or near-perfect scores, followed by Juneau's Team Two in second place.

"Times were really quite good this week," Juneau head coach Guy Thibodeau said. "It was a real hilly course with a lot of vertical climb. It was a question of changing speeds a lot. The girls teams were good, and the boys also ran a good top three."

In the girls race, Juneau Team One swept the top five individual places to post a perfect score of 15 points, while Juneau Team Two was second with 59 points. Mount Edgecumbe took third place with 73 points and Skagway was fourth with 97, while Haines had an incomplete team.

The Juneau Team One trio of Hilary Young, Molly Krehlik and Heidi Denton ran together for most of the race and finished within a two-second gap. Young won the race in 20 minutes, 4 seconds, followed by Krehlik in 20:05 and Denton in 20:06. Brittany Rohm took fourth place in 20:55 and Greta Thibodeau completed the top-five sweep with a time of 21:28. Elise Wahto of Juneau Team Two nearly broke up the sweep, though, only to finish one second behind Thibodeau.

"We feel ready," Krehlik said of the Region V meet Sept. 22 in Sitka, where Juneau will face a tough Region V-Class 4A race against Ketchikan. "We're gonna try and beat Lisa (Ketchikan's Elisa Bolling, who is undefeated in Southeast this year). One person is going to be the difference. Heidi, Hilary and I will all try to beat her."

In the boys race, Juneau Team One didn't have a perfect score, but was close with 18 points. Juneau Team Two edged Skagway Team One 66-72 for second place, while Mount Edgecumbe Team One was fourth with 105, Haines was fifth with 158, Juneau Team Three took sixth place with 171 points, Mount Edgecumbe Team Two was seventh with 182 and Skagway Team Two was eighth with 197.

Jesse Stringer of Juneau Team One remained undefeated in Southeast meets this season as he covered the five-kilometer (3.1-mile) course in 16:29. Bryce Iverson took second place in 17:08 and Tristan Knutson-Lombardo gave Juneau Team One a sweep of the top three individual places with a time of 17:15.

"I felt pretty good," Stringer said. "It was a great training course for regions. Half the course was uphill and half the course was downhill, and it was probably the toughest course I've run this year. Lots of guys did really well. Tristan's showed a lot of potential throughout the year and I was proud he could hang out ahead (of the pack) and run a good race."

"The course was hard, one of the hardest courses I ever ran. The last 500 feet or so killed you," Knutson-Lombardo said. "We're just trying to stay healthy."

Skagway Team One's Russell Bush took fourth place in 17:25 to prevent a Juneau Team One perfect score. Blake Rider of Juneau Team One was fifth in 17:58, followed by Kyle Mulvihill of Skagway Team One in 18:03 and Christopher Frank of Juneau Team One in 18:05. Jordan Davis of Juneau Team Two took eighth place in 18:09 and may have earned a varsity spot at the region meet.

Stringer said the team did reflect on the events of the past week in New York City and Washington, D.C., but the runners were ready to return to action. Alaska's short high school running season winds down with region meets around the state this coming weekend, and the Class 4A and Class 1A-2A-3A state meets on Sept. 29 in Palmer.

"We talked about the attacks on Thursday, and about all that stuff throughout the week," Stringer said. "We try not to let that affect us, but we're keeping our prayers with them."


Results from the Skagway Invitational high school cross country meet held Saturday at Skagway High School. The course was five kilometers (3.1 miles).


Teams -- 1. Juneau-Douglas Team One, 15 points; 2. Juneau-Douglas Team Two, 59; 3. Mount Edgecumbe, 73; 4. Skagway, 97. Incomplete team: Haines.

Individuals -- 1. Hilary Young, JDHS-1, 20 minutes, 4 seconds; 2. Molly Krehlik, JDHS-1, 20:05; 3. Heidi Denton, JDHS-1, 20:06; 4. Brittany Rohm, JDHS-1, 20:55; 5. Greta Thibodeau, JDHS-1, 21:28; 6. Elise Wahto, JDHS-2, 21:29; 7. Emily Krehlik, JDHS-1, 21:30; 8. Phoebe Rohrbacher, JDHS-1, 22:00; 9. Dora Hughes, MEHS, 22:21; 10. Erin Flynn, JDHS-2, 23:06; 11. Linda Bruce, JDHS-2, 23:08; 12. Floriane Dengrrie, Haines, 23:10; 13. Jo Marshall, JDHS-2, 23:52; 14. Galsy Ashenfelter, MEHS, 24:10; 15. Crystal Ketterman, Skagway, 24:26;

16. Sarah Cohen, Haines, 24:54; 17. Ella Morris, MEHS, 25:07; 18. Rainy Motto, MEHS, 26:09; 19. Ashley Law, Skagway, 26:25; 20. Maliya George, MEHS, 27:46; 21. Adelle Stickman, MEHS, 28:13; 22. Jess Mikesell, JDHS-2, 28:45; 23. Colleen Ketterman, Skagway, 28:54; 24. Jenny Andrews, Skagway, 29:06; 25. Kortney Grieser, Skagway, 31:51; 26. Ellie Jackson, MEHS, 31:55; 27. Merrick Bochart, Haines, 35:25; 28. Bethany Hisman, Skagway, 44:05.


Teams -- 1. Juneau-Douglas Team One, 18 points; 2. Juneau-Douglas Team Two, 66; 3. Skagway Team One, 72; 4. Mount Edgecumbe Team One, 105; 5. Haines, 158; 6. Juneau-Douglas Team Three, 171; 7. Mount Edgecumbe Team Two, 182; 8. Skagway Team Two, 197.

Individuals -- 1. Jesse Stringer, JDHS-1, 16 minutes, 29 seconds; 2. Bryce Iverson, JDHS-1, 17:08; 3. Tristan Knutson-Lombardo, JDHS-1; 4. Russell Bush, Skagway-1, 17:25; 5. Blake Rider, JDHS-1, 17:58; 6. Kyle Mulvihill, Skagway-1, 18:03; 7. Christopher Frank, JDHS-1, 18:05; 8. Jordan Davis, JDHS-2, 18:09; 9. Curtis Jung, MEHS-1, 18:14; 10. Brian Nowlin, JDHS-1, 18:28; 11. Phillip Dierking, JDHS-2, 18:32; 12. Axel Thibodeau, JDHS-1, 18:33; 13. Flint Allred, Haines, 18:43; 14. William Horton, JDHS-2, 19:00; 15. Cliff Shellabarger, MEHS-1, 19:02;

16. Brian Smith, JDHS-2, 19:08; 17. Frederico Malannetti, JDHS-2, 19:11; 18. John McCluskey, Skagway-1, 19:12; 19. Matt Fosket, JDHS-3, 19:18; 20. Stan Bush, Skagway-1, 19:20; 21. Soren Allred, Haines, 19:26; 22. Gabe Hayden, JDHS-2, 19:33; 23. Carl Lundquist, JDHS-2, 19:37; 24. Garrett Henry, Skagway-1, 19:40; 25. Andrew Runkle, MEHS-2, 19:54; 26. Terrell Thomas, MEHS-1, 19:57; 27. Brandon Ongtowasruk, MEHS-1, 20:04; 28. Joel Hunt, MEHS-1, 20:11; 29. Buckley Svinicki, JDHS-3, 20:13; 30. Roger Canoe, MEHS-1, 20:27;

31. Michael Harrington, MEHS-2, 20:42; 32. Matt Kubanyi, MEHS-1, 20:45; 33. Kyle Ellis, Skagway-2, 20:52; 34. Nathan Jones, Haines, 20:54; 35. Chris Shockley, Skagway-2, 20:55; 36. Greg Frank, JDHS-3, 20:56; 37. Jeremy Kilburn, Skagway-1, 21:00; 38. Nathan Narum, Haines, 21:01; 39. Stefan Ashe, JDHS-3, 21:11; 40. Arlen McCluskey, Skagway-2, 21:12; 41. McKinley Ward, MEHS-2, 21:28; 42. George Beans, MEHS-2, 21:31; 43. Greg Horton, MEHS-2, 21:52; 44. Jerod Moore, Skagway-2, 22:07; 45. Clayton Harris, Skagway-2, 22:09;

46. Peter Jorgensen, MEHS-2, 22:37; 47. Carlin Hoblet, MEHS-2, 22:38; 48. Jordan Gray, JDHS-3, 22:44; 49. Nils Kuehl, JDHS-3, 23:26; 50. Alex Miller, JDHS-3, 23:30; 51. Thomas Knorr, Skagway-2, 24:20; 52. Pius Keyes, MEHS-2, 25:34; 53. Mathias Germon, Haines, 25:48.

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