Put your money where your dog poop is

Letters to the editor

Posted: Thursday, September 16, 2004

After just scooping up dog droppings in front of our Douglas Highway house, left by a poor dog whose runner-owner apparently couldn't afford the time to pick up after her pet (guess she left her blue gloves at home). I walked inside to hear Dennis Egan on KINY announcing that the smoke coming from the top of Mount Juneau was a one-time controlled burn, with a permit obtained on Thursday morning by Trail Mix, who was burning all of the trash that has been collected by its members left by the "users" of the Mount Juneau trail over the past summer.

I applaud the work of the organizations Trail Mix and Good Dawgs. Trail Mix has, for the last several years, built, improved and cleaned up our wonderful area trails. Good Dawgs, a newly formed group of dog owners meeting to improve the image of dog owners in general, has taken it upon themselves to clean up trails where inconsiderate dog owners don't feel that they need to be responsible for a cleanup after their own pets.

If you are one of the many hikers who leave trash behind thinking it will never be seen in the brush, or if you are one of the many pet owners who think no one is watching while your pet uses someone's driveway, yard, garden or sidewalk, why don't you start picking up or why don't you donate some dollars to these two very worthwhile organizations who are cleaning up after you? Trail Mix and Good Dawgs deserve it. And I thank them.

Jean Kline


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