New audiobooks on CD for young adults

Posted: Thursday, September 16, 2010

Look for new audiobooks on CD for young adults, including a new installment in "The Mysterious Benedict Society: The Prisoner's Dilemma," by Trenton Lee Stewart, the second book in the Hunger Games trilogy, "Catching Fire," by Suzanne Collins, and the award-winning, young adult story, "Tender Morsels" by Margo Lanagan, as well as other new titles spotlighted below.

"Necropolis," by Anthony Horowitz, read by Simon Prebble.

This is the penultimate book in the Gatekeepers series, and the action is heating up. Matt and his three fellow Gatekeepers are on a desperate quest to find and save the final Gatekeeper, a 13 year-old named Scarlet, before the Old Ones can get to her. The problem is that her father works for the Old Ones' front corporation, and the question is: does he know what's going on? The Gatekeepers barely survive an attack in South America before heading to England to collect Scarlet, only to miss her by minutes as she is whisked to Hong Kong. Take the title of this eerie, violent, and action-packed story to heart: this installment is darker than the previous books and foreshadows the possibility of a grim ending to the series.

"The Killer's Cousin," by Nancy Werlin, read by Nick Podehl.

David's 17th year wasn't at all what he expected. Not only did his girlfriend die, but he had to stand trial for her death, and, though he was ultimately acquitted, his parents sent him to finish out high school in another town. Now he's 18 and living with his aunt and uncle, and very uncomfortable with the situation. He's got an apartment all to himself, but it's the one his older cousin killed herself several years before. His little cousin, 11-year-old Lily, is creepy and weird, and her parents hardly talk to each other at all. The more he gets to know his aunt, uncle, and cousin, the more he wonders whether he's not the only one around who's hiding something. Read with a great grasp of the characters and a fantastic creepy edge.

"At the House of the Magician," by Mary Hooper, read by Ruth Sillers.

At first, Lucy wonders whether her mother did the right thing in sending her away to keep her safe from her abusive father: being homeless is awful. She's always dreamt of working in the Queen's household, but would settle for work in the household of one of the gentry, and by luck ends up finding a nursemaid position with the court magician, Dr. Dee, who is the Queen's consultant. But Lucy isn't any good at keeping her nose out of other people's business and soon finds herself up to her ears in uncomfortable information. Where do her loyalties lie? And what will happen to her if she chooses wrong? Set in the 1600s during the reign of Elizabeth I, this fast-paced thriller is ably-voiced by Sillers.

"Emperors of the Ice," by Richard Farr, read by Michael Page.

When Apsley Cherry-Garrard was 23, he was chosen to accompany an expedition to Antarctica as the team's assistant zoologist. His only qualification was that he'd always dreamed of being a great explorer, and his terrible eyesight and inexperience seemed to make him a very dubious choice. But the three years of ordeals that Cherry and his companions undertook, first to collect eggs from Emperor penguins, then to ferry supplies for Scott's South Pole expeditions, proved that character can triumph over physical limitations. Temperatures dropped below minus 77 degrees, the crew was stuck in blizzards for days at a time and had to skirt nearly-invisible crevasses, and at one point, Cherry (who couldn't wear his glasses while sledging and was for all intents, blind) had to navigate when his partner went snow blind. Nevertheless, Cherry survived and went on to write The Worst Journey in the World, which Farr drew on in addition to other primary sources, in reimagining this story of courage, camaraderie, and near-death experiences.

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