Walker calls write-in unlikely

Posted: Thursday, September 16, 2010

JUNEAU - Bill Walker, who finished second in last month's GOP gubernatorial primary, said Wednesday that he's "not inclined" to mount a write-in candidacy for the office.

While he refused to dismiss the option, he told The Associated Press he doesn't see it as a realistic alternative and isn't aggressively pursuing it.

Walker has until Oct. 28 to make a decision. Historians and election officials cannot recall an Alaska candidate who has mounted a successful write-in bid.

Walker had been mulling whether to re-enter the race since winning 33 percent of the vote in last month's primary, finishing behind Gov. Sean Parnell. That was the only option available to him outside a third-party candidacy.

While he said he seriously considered the possibility of running on the Alaskan Independence Party, AIP, or Libertarian tickets, neither party fully embraced him. The AIP's lack of interest in putting him on the ticket caused a rift that has resulted in one party leader vowing to change his affiliation to undeclared.

"I thought there was an opportunity for the AIP and the Walker campaign, and I thought it would be beneficial" for all involved, said J.R. Myers, who said he's leaving the party and resigning his position as a vice chairman over the issue.

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