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Posted: Sunday, September 17, 2000

But can he waltz?

Sen. Kim Elton ruminated about the dearth of candidates in a recent edition of his Off the Record legislative newsletter. He remembered running unopposed in a 1990 Juneau Assembly race, which he called "awkward." "It's kind of like dancing with a broom."

The bear facts

Bears have been getting into mischief and garbage very often in Juneau this year. One of the most notable incidents happened Sept. 6, when the Juneau Police Department's press release reported a bear in a backyard in the valley: "The bear was eating bird seed and left the area while on the phone." Our question: Was he on garbage waiting?

Opportunity knocks

This month's CrossSound 2000 concerts presented Juneau audiences with some uncommon musical combinations. Last Sunday's ensemble included baritone sax, marimba, trombone, the Japanese koto, and a soprano singing, at one point, in German. Introducing one duet, Sitka trombonist Roger Schmidt paused, then observed, "I don't get to play with a koto very often."

Nose to the grindstone

Our very own University of Alaska Southeast got included in a "hard work pays off" category in a recent edition of US News & World Report. UAS was in the top 10 list of secondary educational institutions in providing what's called merit aid to students. That kind of aid rewards students for working hard. Some say that's a rare concept in education today.

Testing what?

Gov. Tony's blast at the big ships last week focused on fecal coliform counts in wastewater from several cruise line's vessels. After the press conference at Marine Park, at least one person suggested the next round of testing should focus on paper instead of water. What's the count on all those press realeases, anyway, they wondered?

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