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Posted: Sunday, September 17, 2000

As an Alaskan, I am ashamed that Gov. Tony Knowles is so impolite to the cruise ship industry. They bring a lot of money to Juneau.

Bravo to Gov. Tony Knowles for standing up to the polluting cruise ships. Now we need to elect an assembly that will back the governor and his fight for our clean water.

I am glad Tony is so outraged about the cruise ship pollution. Too bad he's tried his best to run DEC into the ground.

I think the Juneau Empire should not print bad stories about cruise ships on the front page as it is bad for tourism.

My wife and I own the 1937 vintage tour bus that we brought into town this summer, and we just want to thank Juneau for a wonderful tour season and all the positive comments we received this summer.

Bears that are tranquilized and relocated almost always return to garbage.

How about moving a few brown bears from across the channel to Juneau and Douglas and the valley? After they chow down on a few garbage black bears we'll move them back.

In regard to this bear problem, there is no simple solution. The garbage is one problem, fish in local streams are another problem and relocation just doesn't work. These bears have a terrific homing instinct.

The people who blame police for killing bears are the same people who would blame police if a bear attacked a child because they just shooed them and didn't shoot them.

I'm calling to remind everybody to register to vote before Oct. 6 for the upcoming general election.

Why is the city charging us for getting rid of glass bottles, cans and tin cans? We already pay a garbage fee. And they're going to be making money recycling this stuff. They should be paying us for these items.

Kudos to the road crew. They've done a good job under adverse circumstances. They didn't slow us down much and gave us a nice and smooth pavement under lousy weather.

I'd like to commend the city parks and rec staff who worked so hard to temporarily stop some of the leaks at Twin Lakes so that we have water in the lakes again until permanent repairs could be done.

To the people who walk their dogs at Twin Lakes, clean up after your dogs when you're walking them. There are plastic bags at each end of the lake.

Down south doesn't have the elements that Alaska has: rain, snow, gale winds, mudslides, avalanches. Why are people eager to build a road?

As the parent of a special needs child who attends Mendenhall River School, I would like to thank the special ed teacher and aides who work with my child. Without the quality of instruction, especially from the aides who work with my child, my child would not be able to reap the benefits of a public education.

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