Practice what we preach

Posted: Monday, September 17, 2001

I took some time to gather with other community members and churches to pray for our country and the people suffering through this great travesty. I am still in shock and yet after the first onslaught of great sadness and anger, which is still simmering, I am now facing the fact that much of this we brought upon ourselves. As a nation, we have been meddling in the affairs of others far too long. We too are guilty of aiding and abetting in the eyes of the terrorists by giving our weapons of war to their enemies. Some of these countries' citizens are starving, dying, and suffering and we act surprised at their hate of us. I cry in great sadness not only because of the harm brought to our own innocent people involved but because of our part in this.

I cannot blame the elite few heads of government when I have sat back without speaking up while all this was going on. I saw their anger. I watched us meddle. I heard their threats. I ignored them because I underestimated their capabilities, and have been complacent, and spoiled in my own safety and wealth ignoring my own responsibility of letting my voice be heard.

Our president now has an almost impossible task of righting this. It would take more than just punishing those aiding and abetting. If we do not correct this same error in ourselves how can we ever expect this not to happen again? How can it ever be right if we do not practice what we preach? We have much to work on right here at home in America.

I pray that these people have not died for nothing. I pray that as we unite to stand together that we will not only rebuild our buildings and cities but that we will grow as a people in wisdom and goodness.

May God help us all.

Alice Sorrell


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