Dick Knapp is great

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Dick Knapp will make a great mayor for Juneau. I've known Dick for about 20 years, since he was Admiral in the Coast Guard, as commander of the 17th District. Dick has continuously been active in community affairs. Currently he is serving our community on the Harbor Board.

Dick has proven his leadership again while chairing the Harbor Board. He has demonstrated his ability to address difficult issues, develop a consensus and get to a decision. This is the kind of leadership our community needs.

Dick also has the ability to represent our community to Southeast and the rest of Alaska. His connections made while serving in the Coast Guard, as commissioner of DOT/PF, as an executive of the Alaska Railroad, and as a local business man will serve Juneau well as we focus on anchoring the capital right here where it belongs.

It is rare that we get the oportunity to elect a mayor who can bring so many necessary qualities to the office. Dick Knapp will serve us well.

Denny DeWitt


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