Open house for info about teacher contract

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Parents of Juneau's approximately 1,600 high school students are invited to attend the annual Juneau-Douglas High School Open House tonight to meet their children's teachers.

Parents wanting to meet me may wish to bring their umbrellas or raingear in case it's raining. Along with some of my colleagues, I will be greeting parents outside the building with information to share.

But instead of the usual information about curriculum and textbooks, I will be providing parents with information regarding teachers' dissatisfaction with the performance of the present school board in settling a fair contract.

I will inform parents that all of Juneau's teachers are presently working without the security of a contract due to the board's inability or unwillingness to provide teachers with a dignified contract settlement.

Though parents can still reasonably expect to find their children's teachers in their classrooms during, before, and after school hours to meet and discuss issues concerning their children, please be advised that a few JDHS teachers will be attending open house outside.

Please accept in advance my apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you. Teachers deeply appreciate parental support and understanding during these unnecessarily rocky times with the present board. You can help by contacting and encouraging members of the board to do right by our teachers.

Lastly, let's take advantage of the golden opportunity this autumn to elect a new board with fresh talent and perspectives. Many new candidates have generously offered to serve in the open five of seven seats. Perhaps a new board will be able to maintain better relations with Juneau's teachers.

Clay Good

JDHS science teacher since 1985

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