A look at Bush and Kerry's views of war

Posted: Friday, September 17, 2004

I do not like war.

Since March 19, 2003, 1,007 Americans have been killed in Iraq. I didn't know any of the 1,007 but am saddened by the death of each one. Now a group of Juneau National Guard soldiers is to be sent there.

I've looked at President Bush's and Sen. Kerry's campaign Web sites to see what they say about the war. It's an important issue in the coming election.

The Bush site at www.georgewbush.com says:

"Following the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, President Bush has taken the fight to the terrorists. After September 11, the President put the world on notice that we will hold any person or regime that harbors or supports terrorists as guilty of terrorism as the terrorists themselves. America will not wait for new threats to grow and fester. We will face new challenges - swiftly, surely, and with steely resolve. We cannot forget that the terrorists remain determined to kill as many Americans as possible, both abroad and here at home, and would like nothing more than to use the world's most deadly weapons against us. With such an enemy, no negotiated peace is possible; no policy of containment or deterrence will prove effective."

The Kerry site at www.johnkerry.com says:

"America was born in pursuit of an idea - that a free people with diverse beliefs can govern themselves in peace. Throughout our history, we have forged powerful alliances to defend, encourage, and promote that idea around the world. Through two World Wars, the Cold War, the Gulf War and Kosovo, America led instead of going it alone. We respected the world - and the world respected us. Today, our leadership has walked away from more than a century of American leadership in the world to embrace a new - and dangerously ineffective - American disregard for the world. They bully instead of persuade. They act alone when they could assemble a team. They confuse leadership with going it alone. They fail to understand that real leadership means standing by your principles and rallying others to join you. The threat of terrorism demands alliances on a global scale - to utilize every available resource to get the terrorists before they can strike at us. As president, John Kerry will lead a coalition of the able - because no force on earth is more able than the United States and its allies."

Garrey Peska


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