Douglas man says police failed to act

Posted: Sunday, September 17, 2006

In response to James Johnson's letter ("What does it take to enforce traffic laws?" Sept. 12), I, too, had the Juneau Police Department do nothing when I reported a hit-and-run to them. I even had the license plate number of the car. They wanted a complete description of the car that ran me over and couldn't match the number, because I did not state the color of the vehicle exactly as it was on the registration. (I was busy trying to keep from getting killed.) They said they couldn't do anything.

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Now, two months later, I am paying medical bills that were caused by this hit-and-run incident. It's hard not to think that the Juneau Police Department is just a little fish in a very little pond. What does it take for them to enforce the (traffic) laws?

Stan K. Marston


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