Writer finds it hard to believe letter about sex

Posted: Sunday, September 17, 2006

In response to Josh Carter's letter of Sept. 8, I find it hard to believe that he would rather expose his children to the violence of the world than sexual education. Terrorism, murders, gang violence, etc., are not the things that should be giving children ideas.

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I do not think the article about "toys" (Aug. 24, Hooligan) was inappropriate but is something that adolescent persons should be informed about. With teen pregnancy at a record high, they should know all the facts. You need to talk about your children and keep them educated for their and others' safety.

Masturbation is not "a disgusting, filthy habit relegated to the likes of street urchins and utterly depraved hippies." Many couples in loving, caring, committed relationships take part in this activity - sometimes it even enhances their relationship.

Children do think about sex. It has to do with hormones that are changing in their bodies. Some are more interested than others. There is not a time clock where the alarm rings on their 18th birthday telling them they are ready. If that were so, why are so many young teens having children?

Communicating with your children is the most effective way to prevent teen pregnancy. Teach them how to say no - and mean no. Also teach them how to be responsible if they decide to say yes.

There is more to sex education than just preventing pregnancy. Many diseases are transmitted by intimate contact. Please don't be afraid to talk to your child. It could make the difference in their lives and yours.

Renee Hughes


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