Outsiders: Chris Trollan

Juneau's outdoor lives

Posted: Sunday, September 17, 2006

Age: 41

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Favortie outdoor activities: "I like to hunt fish and troll for deer. Skiing, snowboarding, mountainbiking."

Cool experience: "I've had a good time hanging out with the mountain goats here. Floating past with the paraglider is really nice, and they show up on a lot of backcountry ski missions. Stepping into your bindings while a herd of goats go charging across the slope below with the sun and peaks and clouds...they seem to know of all the best places!"

Close call: "My biggest close call? I had to dive headfirst into an avalanche, because I was stupid, and was right in the middle of a wind-loaded slope on a high hazard day. I came up facing uphill, but was going to get swept downhill, so I dove in again and made like a squirrel, then waited for the thicker part (the crown) to pass over me. I feel like I've had my life handed back to me. After that and without really trying, something in me had to deal with all the things in life that are really meaningful. It made it impossible for me to see and treat all aspects of life as precious. Hunt with reverence. Hunt for food."

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