Quit your neo-hippy complaints about new Wal-Mart

Posted: Monday, September 17, 2007

Juneau reminds me of podunk towns in Texas - and even they have Wal-Mart. Look at the Letter to the editor posted about Wal-Mart in the Tuesday newspaper, which was obviously copied from the anti-Wal-Martian Web sites out there.

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Being a Texas native, my opinion is not biased and therefore is more valuable than some typical Juneau coffee shop revolutionary vegan with a Rainbow Foods Visa Rewards Card. Big business is always good, especially for a town that will thrive over the next few years. Wal-Mart brings jobs to those who would have been unemployed, rollback prices, unnecessary road construction (oops), variety and a break from Fred Meyer and Alaskan and Proud market.

Yes, I would have preferred a Target, but Christmas only comes once a year and I would rather get a Nintendo DS. Why is it that people here cannot deal with the fact that Wal-Mart is here and choose their preferable store.

Question: How is Wal-Mart beneficial to me, a broke 21-year-old college student?

Fact: It allows me to feed myself for less on actual food, rather than feed myself for more on granola and a 350 pack of Ramen Noodles. To bring up all the negatives about "Mal-Wart" is pretty close-minded (a wonderful trait this town has acquired), but to copy and paste your opinion and not mention the negatives of other stores is just "stupid."

Let's talk about Costco. Unlike Wal-Mart, it offers good pay, more than 82 percent of its employees are covered by healthcare (whatever that is worth in America) and their hot dogs are the "bomb." But Costco's jewelry is made under conditions that violate international labor standards and basic human rights, and it is a non-union store, but who's complaining.

Juneau needs to adjust its "We don't take too kindly to your fancy Lower 48 chains around here" attitude and embrace change, because without it, this town is doomed.

Juneau's retention rate for whipper snappers my age is low, and once the old are gone, this town will be nothing but a bunch of bars and a Coast Guard station (not a very good mix). So please quit your neo-hippy complaints about water, jury duty, all-terrain vehicles and Wal-Mart before you chase what little hope left for this town away to Seattle.

Jamel Kennedy


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