UAS Beatniks to host first open mic

Event open to beginners, others from the community

Posted: Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Beatniks are at it again. On Friday, Sept. 18 the University of Alaska's English Club, who call themselves the Beatniks, will host their first open mic of the new school year. The UAS event is designed as an all-inclusive gathering for the community.

Club president Kaleigh Lambert said they've had everything from standard poetry to accordions and interpretive dancing. People have even plugged in their iPods and sang.

"It's open to anything," Lambert said. "We've have interpretive dancing, we've had it all."

The Beatniks want to emphasize that the open mic is a community-wide event.

"It's not just a housing thing," Lambert said. "Which has been difficult to promote it because people assume that if it's at the lodge then it's just a housing thing, but it's not. It's open to everyone. It's open to the public."

Lambert is also encouraging UAS faculty members and other groups to come and plug their events.

"We want people to use us as an outlet," Lambert said.

The open mics are a place for the timid and beginning artists as well.

"Usually all the people that come are either scared our of their minds to get up and speak in front of people or they've been there, they've done that before, and they've had to overcome that fear themselves," Lambert said.

There will be several differences between this event and those held last spring. Last year performers had to sign up and then wait for their name to be called, but this year the format will be more open.

"This time we're just going to leave the mic there and have people come up there as they want," Lambert said.

The Beatniks also plan to bring up speakers from the Lower 48 and put on a gallery walk during First Fridays.

The event goes from 7 to 9 p.m. at the UAS Housing Lodge. Refreshments will be provided.

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