Representatives must listen to conscience of America

Posted: Thursday, September 17, 2009

"We will not be silent. We are your bad conscience. The White Rose will not leave you in peace!"

- The White Rose, pamphlet four

Formerly-committed members of the Hitler Jugend, Hans and Sophie Scholl, became disillusioned when the brutal reality of the Nazi state crashed headlong into the contrived Utopianism of the fanatic youth movement. As their loyalty to the Third Reich dissolved, a split became inevitable.

What they once served with gusto, they now opposed with a vengeance. Together with several university student co-conspirators, they anonymously published and distributed a series of leaflets overflowing with scathing denouncements of Third Reich machinations. The Fuhrer himself was a favorite target of their well-phrased vitriol. The leaflets gained a wide circulation throughout the homeland. This little dissident group spurred the Gestapo into overdrive, catapulting the White Rose to the very top of the Nazi hit list.

In February 1943, they and some of their compatriots were arrested, tried before a kangaroo court and summarily executed. Before the blade of the guillotine, Hans' "Long live freedom!" was a backhand against the face of German tyranny.

To Hans and Sophie Scholl, distributing the pamphlets of the White Rose was not heroism, but necessity. They simply refused to be complicit, through silence, in the destruction of their people and country.

Leftist representatives' initially stunned, then maddened response to the town hall protesters was a given. It is, in fact, a good thing. From the egotist-in-chief on down, this "participatory democracy" is finally showing itself to be a sham, operating on a show of good will only to the extent that it is swathed in accolades. But, as always, the gloves and masks eventually come off, revealing brass knuckles and a set of fangs, respectively. Any "representative" who labels his constituents Nazis, idiots, fringe, extremists, hired hands, a "mob" or numerous other slanderous epithets has betrayed his people, his oath of office and his country.

Surely the outrage, the overarching anger of the protesters is not over Obama's health care reform plan alone. It has been simmering much longer than that. Bottom line is that the average American has had it with parasitical policies birthed in the Washington, D.C., entitlement mentality. Folks do not suspect, they know that politicians of both the jackass and the pachyderm stripe care nothing for their problems. No politician in Washington has to worry about his next oil bill, or his kids' education, or if he can buy wood enough to last the winter.

Why the unyielding stance from "mobs" of parents nationwide who refused to allow their school-age children to watch the Obama "education" speech? Do leftists honestly believe it's because Americans haven't thought out their response to what they consider one more incursion into their child's life? The Department of Education's original accompanying lesson plans would have had kids contemplating, "What can I do to help the president?"

Nah, this isn't indoctrination...

Scanning the "comments" section of online Alaska newspapers gives one a very clear idea of how Obama devotees in our state view conservative parents. Those who opted not to allow their kids to view Obama's latest televised farce are called fools, blind, paranoid, nut cases, brainwashed, and the ever-popular "racist". Leftists parrot the same words used against the town hall protesters.

Christ tells us that "the mouth speaks from that which fills the heart."

Thanks for the glimpse inside yours.

Tell me - do you honestly believe that Obama could have not known about the dark ideological past of "green jobs" czar and admitted communist Van Jones?

How about his appointment of "science czar" John Holdren, whose proposal of forced abortions, forced sterilizations, and eugenics has earned him a place in the governmental hall of horrors? Of course Obama knew. The list goes on.

In case you haven't gotten it, yet, that's why Americans are opposing Obama.

If alive today, Hans and Sophie Scholl would be in the vortex of the town hall outrage, demanding redress of grievances from pilfering politicians.

And they would be reminding us of the words they penned in their first pamphlet: "Do not forget that every people deserves the regime it is willing to endure."

• Kevin Reeves lives in Juneau.

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