Prop 2 would bring Bartlett up to date

Posted: Monday, September 18, 2000

For the past several years we residents of Juneau have been tearing ourselves apart over a number of issues. Disagreement and thorough discussions are healthy up to a point, however, we need to come together on occasion for the good of the community.

I would hope that a project most of us could agree on is the upcoming vote on completing Bartlett Regional Hospital's renovations and expansion, i.e., Proposition 2 on the Oct. 3 ballot.

Proposition 2 provides one cent of sales tax that would raise $20 million to complete renovation and bring Bartlett in line with national hospital standards. It would also provide $3 million matching for state funds for school repair, and $1 million for a recreational facility at Savikko Park.

One of the bright spots in Juneau's economy has been the development of Bartlett into a first class regional hospital. Through the hard work of the hospital board, administration and staff, tremendous strides have been made in the past few years. We need to give these dedicated people the financial support to continue their good work.

Health care is the growth industry of the future. Having a viable medical center is a win-win situation for everyone in our community. Remember, this is not an additional tax. If all propositions pass, it will continue our current level of sales tax for another five years.

Please join me in voting for Proposition 2 on Oct. 3.

Tom Cashen

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