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Posted: Monday, September 18, 2000

I had to pay $2.50 at the airport for parking less than one hour Saturday night because only one person was on duty and there were lots of cars.

For anybody going into or living in the St. Anne's area, all those white signs that say "Speed limit 20" refer to the speed you're supposed to drive your car in that area.

In regards to the comment in Sunday's Word of Mouth on Mendenhall River being a good special education program, I feel the school district would benefit everybody by taking heed that that is one of the best special education programs there is in the school district and the other schools should follow that lead.

There are several in the community who would vote yes to a sales tax for hospital improvements, but not if it includes tax for a skating rink. The skating rink should be a separate issue.

If you live or work in the lower west Mendenhall Valley between Engineers Cutoff and Industrial Boulevard, there is a proposal to establish an asphalt plant at the Engineers Cutoff end of Crazy Horse Drive. If you're concerned about wetlands, air and water quality, noise and traffic safety in the area, contact your city planners immediately.

I think Sally Smith's remarks about the road show her intentions, in that she thinks the voters of Juneau don't have the intelligence to make a decision.

Jamie Parsons says young families can't afford the ferry. What my young family can't afford is politicians that focus on a road that's not going to happen instead of focusing on our schools.

I've lived in Juneau all my life and I'm tired of the Empire's biased coverage of this mayoral campaign. You need to give all the candidates equal time in the same paper.

If you own a brand-new bright yellow Volkswagen Bug and you let your teenage son drive it last weekend, you might want to let him know the speed limit rules and turn signal rules.

If you think you're old enough to drink, you could show it by not vandalizing and littering.

Handicapped zones are for handicapped persons only. They are not meant to be a loading zone.

I have frequently been irritated by the poor editing in the Juneau Empire.

That was a great article about the artifacts in Sunday's paper, however, there was only half a story.

I think the businesses in Juneau that are passing off their cheap junk for authentic Alaskan art should be fined and have their shops closed permanently. This is fraud.

Page one of Sunday's Empire directed readers to an article about misrepresentation of Native and imported art by about a dozen downtown shops. The article began on page C1 and was to have continued on page C7. However, readers who turned to C7 found the page was filled with national news. Regrettably, the continuation of the article was lost in the editing and production cycles. We apologize for the omission. The article is printed in full on pages 9 and 10 of today's Empire. Steve Reed, Managing Editor

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