Business Profile: Fred Weiler

Posted: Tuesday, September 18, 2001

Title and firm: Fred Weiler, partner with Keith Axt Aisner at the AP&T Wireless Juneau branch.

Services: Through its parent company Alaska Power & Telephone, AP&T Wireless supplies paging services, VHF, 800 MHz radio phones, phone cards, and satellite and microwave communications.

In lay terms, they sell "everything wireless that isn't cellular," Weiler said. For example, Aisner said if a person had a secluded cabin on an island, AP&T could find a way for them to have phone or Internet service through satellite or microwave connections. Weiler said the company's job is to overcome mountains and other obstructions to Southeast residents' use of such technology.

Further, the satellite services they provide can be used by companies with shipments or large fleets of vehicles to track, he said.

Aisner said the 800 MHz radios they sell allow one-button phone access. He said this technology allows people such as cab drivers to talk to dispatch operators while callers looking for rides are still on the phone.

The upshot of the different technology they offer is to make companies more efficient without paying exorbitant prices, Weiler said.

Quotable: "If a cell phone and a regular wireless phone had sex they would make an 800 MHz radio," Aisner said.

Background: Weiler became a partner at the Juneau AP&T office about a year ago when it opened. He said at the time the focus of the Juneau store was selling pagers. However, under the new general manager of the company, Jason Spears, the focus has shifted to broaden the range of services, he said.

Before Weiler came to Juneau, the Camby, Ore., native said he had done a variety of jobs from driving cabs to fishing commercially. He said he and his wife moved here to further her education.

Family: Weiler and his wife Dayna, who is studying to be a veterinarian, have been married five years. They have two boys: Zane, 4 and Quade, 2.

Contact information: AP&T Wireless is in the Mendenhall Center, at 9109 Mendenhall Mall Road, Suite 4A. Weiler and Aisner may be reached at (907) 790-8586.

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