Angels are watching

Posted: Tuesday, September 18, 2001

I am a 22-year-old Alaska resident who, like every other American citizen in the United States and those around the world, is truly affected by Tuesday's events. In the aftermath of this tragedy I would like to share a poem I wrote that I think is befitting our current situation. My family's prayers and thoughts go out to everyone affected.

"Angels Are Watching Over Us"

One life, one world, can we TRULY make a difference?

Does it all point to existence in eternity? Angels are

watching over us.

Some stay for only a short period of time, others

stay much longer, no matter what the amount of time

one is with us ... the impact on our lives, the legacy

they leave will touch us now and forever.

Angels are watching over us from above.

CHERISH those you love, keep them ALWAYS in your

heart, for you may wake up tomorrow and realize

they're gone. Angels are watching over us.

Christina Wheaton


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