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Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, September 18, 2003

It was right before the last election for governor that then commissioner of administration Jim Duncan announced privatization of state Information Technology services would give "more bang for the buck" from ACS.

In classic divide-and-conquer style Duncan offered public employees the option of staying in their lame unions, with contracts he had negotiated for the state, or the lure of big bucks in the private sector for the same work.

Given the fact that the telecommunications industry is the largest contributor to election campaigns, this sell-out of state resources and public employees might have caused the minority of Democrats in Alaska to be taken more seriously last election - if the politically self-serving motive had not been so obvious.

Now we have a governor who makes tough decisions - even when they are unpopular - and a former member of the Knowles gang as business manager of the union his previous decisions had harmed. It's a heck of a deal for the Republicans and Murkowski; the Democrats sold a pig in a poke to ACS, and Duncan sold pie in the sky to ASEA.

Donn Liston

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