Boycott the sponsors of 9/11 miniseries

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, September 18, 2006

It is important that our remaining free press be aware that there are many of us who recognize the bought and paid for intentions of ABC to air "The Path to 9/11" represent not just a betrayal of all principles of journalism, but a reckless, dangerous and destructive act. One might almost be inclined to call it an act of treason.

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There will be many, like myself, who will obsessively track down every ABC sponsor, including affiliate sponsors, and actively boycott them. It does not matter if a sponsor supports this particular show. Any support for a network capable of such an obscenity will earn an equal response. This show's airing may not be an isolated poor choice. It reflects a corporate decision to risk the stability and reputation of the United States for an unholy combination of political and economic gain.

Jim Greenough


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