Letter little more than liberal talking points

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Posted: Monday, September 18, 2006

Lowell Barrick's attack (Sept. 12) on Gregory Acres opinion (Aug. 22) was nothing more than Howard Dean talking points and bumper sticker slogans mixed with yadda-yadda-yadda distortions of those who have no constructive policy recommendations.

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Secure in his middle class existence in a harmonious community, Barrick pretends moral superiority to justify his instruction that we must "bargain" with terrorists. He fails to note what "bargain" he would make with them. Perhaps a yearly limit on the number of planes crashed or Americans murdered. Kind of like an open/closed season?

He also wants to make neoconservatism a crime. I can only guess he also believes the First Amendment to be restricted to thought he approves of and is a privilege reserved for liberals.

Impeach George Bush? Even a Democratic Congress couldn't do so, because the president has not committed a crime. And as a political reality, there are many conservative Democrats in Congress that would never vote for impeachment.

Barrick also condemns Bush for being a neocon, which he is not. In fact, neocons are Republicans who oppose Bush, in particular on how the war on terror is being pursued in Iraq.

But facts seem to elude Barrick as he vents his anti-Americanism by calling us "bullies," the least of his insults to his homeland and those who defend it. He cites the Vietnam War as proof of his assertion. Kennedy and Johnson's lawless adventure might well have been cause for impeachment, but on the whole, Mr. Barrick's letter leaves Mr. Acres' conclusions intact.

I submit the war on terror may take a hundred years, but if we fail to win it, the terrorists will destroy our culture.

Andrew Pope


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