GGU members need to remember to vote

Posted: Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Whether you approve or disapprove, make sure you vote, General Government Unit members.

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It has been well publicized how the state has reached tentative agreement with the GGU, the state's largest union, and how an advisory vote by the union approved the proposed agreement.

By viewing the actual results of the vote, the truth is much more readily apparent. At voting time the GGU had 8,363 eligible voters. Only 3,035 vote envelopes were received and only 3,006 of those envelopes were certified as valid. Of the valid ballots, 1,555 were for yes and 1,451 were for no; 29 envelopes either did not display the member's name, were empty, contained unmarked ballots, or were otherwise disqualified as invalid.

This reveals that while 51.73 percent of the valid ballots supported voting in favor of the proposed agreement, only 35.94 percent of the eligible voters submitted valid ballots. In reality, only 18.59 percent of the membership voted in approval of the proposed contract. Does that sound anywhere close to a majority? Not to me; rather it sounds more like many ambivalent employees who decided to let others make their choice.

On Sept. 10, GGU mailed the actual contract ballot. Whether you approve or disapprove accepting the proposed contract, whatever you do, make sure you vote. Note, for all those that live paycheck to paycheck as so many of us do, voting no is not advocating a strike at the present time; a no vote is simply saying that you think you deserve better and that you want the union and the state to return to the bargaining table.

Make sure your envelope displays your name, mark your ballot with your choice, put it in the envelope, and send it in. The sooner the better, so that it does not get laid aside and forgotten. Don't let less than 20 percent of your union members make the choice for you; you may not like the results and we could end up with another losing contract.

Tracy Hansen


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